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Wedding photography - this is a awesome mix out of emotions, relationships, atmosphere and unique moments.



I am Konrad Stöhr and wedding photographer.


To capture the most beautifull day of a couple is my favorite thing to to.

Why? Because of the emotions, relationships, atmosphere and unique moments. Is there something better than to be with cheerful, happy people? And is there something better than giving newlyweds unique photos, which show the wedding day for years? Which they maybe can show to there grandchildren and great-grandchildren?

There is nothing better*! And this is the reason why I am wedding photographer!


I would be happy to meet you,



Some words about me:

*Oh…of course…traveling, sports and good food isn´t bad too… ;)


New Zealand 2017 was my longest journey till now. I drove seven month trough breathtaking landscape and met different people. New Zealand is really worth a journey.


But: Mostly a small run through the forest or a few kilometer on the bicycle are enough for new experiences and new thoughts.

Triathlon is my favorite sport. Its so rich in variety. Sometimes I am doing sports every day.  But as I said…. sometimes


… good food even more than sometimes.